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Are you about to plan your next company day,  your 30 year birthday or what ever it might be. Then book your next event at Vennebjerg Golf.


Here everyone are welcome and there is always a nice and relaxed atmosphere, and you'r welcome to bring your own food and drinks.

In the clubhouse there's room for 30 people. If you'r more and the weather is sound there's plenty of room outside. 

If you want to finish your day of with a nice barbecue, we will be happy to start it, while you are playing golf.

For those who might not want to play golf, there's also the option to go fishing in the Put and Take lake.

If you are alot of new golfers we will be happy to teach you a little bit on the Driving range before you start golfing.

Contack us to book your next event

Company/beginners Golf

At Vennebjerg Golf we believe that golf should be fun and for everybody. Yet Golf is a demanding sport and can take alot of time.

Therefore we recommend that beginners and companies use our "Beginners Rules" The rules are made to keep the flow on the golf course and ensure that it's fun for everybody. (because lets face it. It isn't that fun to use 20 shots to get out of a bunker the first time you play)

Furthermore it is advantageous to play one of the two match forms "Texas Scramble or Foursome" which are fun and increases the pace and team spirit.

Biginners Rules


-Play from the front/red Tees.


-Bunkers - Forced free drop out of bunkers (Never closer to the pin) 

                !Remember to rake footprints in bunkers

-Is the ball gone ? :)    Use the so called "Hirtshals drop"  or improvised drop


-Improvised drop: from where the original ball disappeared, Throw a new ball onto the fairway :)

 (2 penalty shots)  

-Max 8 shots per hole, then pick your ball up and note 10 and the scorecard on the next tee- 



Vennebjerg Golf - Grønne klitvej 56a - 9800 Hjørring - +45 20 13 20 79 

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