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Vennebjerg Golf

Vennebjerg Golf is a beautiful 12 holes Pay & Play Golf course, where everyone that wants to try out golf is welcome.  No Type of Greencard or previously experience is required to play.


Over the years the Course have gone through serveral expansions and renovations and today it apears as one of the top pay and play courses in Denmark. 5 par 4 and 7 par 3 runs through a spectacular combination of forest, lakes and streams. With the extraordinary light that North Jutland is known for,  it makes a nature and golf experience beyond the ordinary.

The Course 12 holes is a challenge for beginners and the more experienced golfers, and fits perfect for beginners and golfers that might not have the time to play 18 holes.

Vennebjerg Golf is located in one of northern Jutland's most beautiful nature and tourist areas, just 4 km from the North Sea and Skallerup Seaside Resort. 


The Golfbanen was built in 1996 on a naturally hilly terrain east of Vennebjerg Church. The area was one of the first rigdes that appeared after the last Ice Age and one of the first places Stone Age people inhabited which the area bears traces of.

Handicap table:

Mens Yellow  -  Mens Red  -  Ladies Yellow -  Ladies Red 

Vennebjerg Golf - Grønne klitvej 56a - 9800 Hjørring - +45 20 13 20 79 

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